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Hello Monday. You Lead, We'll Handle the Rest.

Every day is a great day to lead! And, we are your first line of defense in food safety. Ask us about best practices, current issues and trends, and of course, hire us to provide real food safety solutions to your important food business needs.

Our key customers include major food manufacturers, such as Thomas Moore Feed, Leiby's Dairy, and Rare Hawaiian Honey, as well as nationwide providers, such as NAFTA Distributors. In addition, we have performed audits onsite at key distribution centers such as Amazon. And, we've trained over 3,000 food safety professionals.

So, you lead. We're ready to handle the rest of your food safety needs, from written programs, onsite GAP assessment, training, and auditing. Connect with me today. Click the Book Online button on our website.

Have a great week!

Jennifer Young

Since 2009

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